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Samgyupsalamat: Unlimited Meat, Unlimited Happiness

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Samgyupsalamat is one of the most popular Unlimited Korean BBQ Restaurant with over 30 branches in Metro Manila. Samgyupsalamat is a coined word for “Samgyupsal” meaning “Pork belly” in Korea, and “Salamat”, meaning “Thank you”, in Filipino. The word play intends to say  “Thank you for eating Samgyupsal”.

samgyupsalamat metro starmall

We usually visit their branch in Entertainment City, but since we moved, that branch is quite far from us. Thankfully, we found another branch near our home. Samgyupsalamat BF Homes branch is smaller than expected but it’s spacious enough that you will still be able to sit and eat comfortably. What makes them different from the other branches is that they accept PWD employees. Isn’t it nice? 🙂

sagyupsalamat unlimited pork and beef

Samgyupsalamat Offers ‘Unlimited Meat, Unlimited Happiness’

They have 5 types of pork and 5 types of beef options to choose from.

Choices for Pork

  • Dae-pae (sliced fresh pork belly)
  • Bul-jib (tenderized fresh pork belly & herb pepper)
  • Yangnyum daepae (sliced pork belly with seasoning sauce)
  • Gochujang samgyup (sliced pork belly with sweet & spicy sauce)
  • Yangnyum buljib (pork neck bone steak with sweet seasoning sauce)

Choices for Beef

  • Beef samgyup (sliced American beef short plate)
  • Yangnyum beef samgyeopsal (sliced beef short plate with seasoning sauce)
  • Boolgogi (Korean beef BBQ in sweet soy sauce)
  • Gochujang beef (sliced beef short plate with sweet & spicy sauce)
  • Sarsa beef (beef with sweet-style Filipino sauce)

  • NO time limit. Enjoy unlimited BBQ without time limitation.
  • You can only order maximum 2 kinds of meat at a time. After you finish those meat, you can order again.
  • Php 200 charge for left over meat per table.
  • Same unlimited course should be chosen at one table.
  • Left over food or side dishes are not allowed to take out.


samgyupsalamat dips

samgyupsalamat side dishes

We can easily tell that they serve fresh meat so we happily indulged in. Their marinated meat are already savory but you can also look forward to their unlimited side dishes and dips. They have many side dishes to choose from but my favorite, baby potatoes, weren’t available when we went. 🙁

To be honest, their dips make them stand out from other unlimited Korean BBQ restaurants we have tried. And finally, they have added unlimited cheese fondue and gravy as well! The gravy doesn’t suit my taste, as it’s a bit bland for my liking, but the cheese makes a huge difference to my Samgyupsal experience! My Korean BBQ experience will never be complete without cheese anymore.

They also have a la carte dishes on the menu that we didn’t get to try, unfortunately. Maybe next time? 🙂 But we did try their ice cream! I liked the ice cream sandwich because it’s not too sweet, which is just perfect for my taste. The only downside is that it easily melts if you don’t immediately consume it.

samgyupsalamat drinks

samgyupsalamat ice cream

Rates & Operating Hours

Samgyupsalamat’s unlimited sets are very affordable, compared to a la carte menu from other Korean restaurants. We recommend Unlimited 2 so you can get the best Korean BBQ experience.

Unlimited 1 (5 kinds of pork)

  • Php 399 : 11AM to 3PM (Happy hour)
  • Php 449 : 3PM to 2AM

Unlimited 2 (10 kinds of pork & beef)

  • Php 449 : 11AM to 3PM (Happy hour)
  • Php 499 : 3PM to 2AM

Happy hour promo is NOT valid during weekends and holidays. Rates are inclusive of VAT and no service charge.


samgyupsalamat unlimited bbq

One tip to get the best taste of each meat is to grill the non-marinated meat first before the marinated ones. That way, you can get to keep their original flavors. Also watch out for the beads of sweat coming from the meat that means it’s ready to get flipped so that it will not be overcooked or undercooked. The charcoal in our grill doesn’t seem to be enough to cook the meat, so we told the staff and they gladly replaced it. Don’t hesitate to ask them if you need to replace your grill as well, since they’re very approachable.


samgyupsalamat bf homes


Samgyupsalamat BF Homes is located at Ground Floor, Metrostar Mall, Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City. Parking space is available for a fee in the basement of Metro Starmall. Other branches have insanely long lines of people waiting for their turn which we end up not going in because we have no patience for that. Haha. In this branch, we were able to dine in as soon as we arrived. No waiting time at all! 🙂

More details and information on Samgyupsalamat’s Facebook and Instagram.

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