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Maginhawa Street First-timers

By November 11, 2016 26 Comments

Explored the popular street of Maginhawa to fill in our hungry tummies! πŸ™‚ It was quite an experience, but I don’t think I’ll go come again.

Gerald and I have always wanted to go on a food trip to Maginhawa, since the street is known to have a lot of must-try restaurants. He’s supposed to go with his officemates and promised me he’ll take me there if it’s worth going to. But they weren’t able to go, so he went with me instead. (So I’m second priority now, huh? Haha)

We listed few restaurants to visit and we even had a strategy, thinking we’ll hop from one restaurant to another but nope, we just went with the flow, haha, until we found StrEat.

I was expecting it to be bigger, while Gerald expected it to be more crowded and lively. I don’t know what’s with him, he likes crowded places now! He likes seeing a lot of people.

Maginhawa’s StrEat Food Park

Maginhawa StrEat Food Park

Because we were so hungry that time (I came straight from work), we hurriedly ordered from different stalls – The Soul Food Truck, Great Burger, Egg-It Asian Street Food and The Lost Bread.

eating in Maginhawa

If you were to order what we had, do you think you’ll already get full? We were not. I think we didn’t get the worth of what we paid for. πŸ™ The taste was so-so for their price. Nothing special!

On the other hand, I was quite impressed with The Lost Bread. We ordered Carnival because yes, sweets overload and I’m about to say sorry to my tonsils again. But, when I tasted it, it isn’t too sweet! My tonsils can handle it, yey! This might disappoint those who love sweets but for me, it’s just perfect. πŸ™‚

Crazy Katsu

For our next restaurant, we tried Crazy Katsu as recommended by a friend. We only ordered Gyoza and Chicken Katsu to save more space in our tummy because we wanted to visit another restaurant after. Hehe.

Their best seller, Chicken Katsu, is really good! It’s definitely a must try. πŸ™‚ For the gyoza, we didn’t like it. πŸ™ They have few items on the menu and I hope they add more, even if it’s only Takoyaki. Hehe.

We wanted to go to RBCTY because it was also recommended but we couldn’t find it. We were only able to find it when we’re already in the trike going home. Next time! Haha


This is our last stop and probably the highlight of our day. We enjoyed our long stay in Iscreamist. Hehe

It was difficult to find it, we even thought Google Maps is betraying us. Thanks to Gerald’s keen eyes he found it inside a building. There were no signage and we just assumed based on the light inside, as we compared to how we see it in photos online.

Up to now, I am doubting if it’s the branch that I see on blogs because it looks really different. If you know anything, please tell me! Haha

Now going back to the experience…

We wanted to try the macarons but it’s out of stock so we ordered Dragon’s Breath instead. Gerald tried it first and he told me it’s too cold and it sticks on your tongue.

Iscreamist Dragon's Breath

I was really afraid because I’ve read it might give you freeze burns, plus, I have sensitive teeth. I can’t even bite soft ice cream, guys! And that is why I don’t eat popsicles.

But later on, I was able to do it! I was just struggling how to remove the smores from the stick, because I can’t bite the smores. Haha. We enjoyed it so much, I think we ordered three sets of Dragon’s Breath. Haha.

Overall, we were disappointed with our Maginhawa experience. It’s not something that we’re willing to do again, unless maybe if we’ll be with friends next time. We still want to try the other restaurants because they might really be good and it would be a waste not to try them. Also, there are a few establishments around that we want to visit.

It’s your turn!
  • Have you been to Maginhawa? Tell me your experience! πŸ™‚
  • Any good restaurants you could recommend?


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  • The Iscreamist moved to a different location and until now I don’t know where it is. Haha But the previous location was near Caution Hot. πŸ˜€

  • Alissa says:

    This makes me want to go here! So many food to eat.

  • Da Dominguez says:

    Quite disappointed with strEAT too. πŸ™ The food stalls arent equally satisfying. But there are other good places naman in Maginhawa. Haha. Too bad you werent able to bisit RBCTY. It’s one of the good ones. They’re located behind a building kasi so hindi siya visible along the street.

  • Bea says:

    I worked near Maginhawa so I’m always there before after work. I can remember the time strEATs just opened and we went but didn’t enjoy it too. Everything is just okay but so expensive!! I don’t even know why it boomed. haha! I only (also) enjoyed Lost Bread that time and they’re like P85 lang ata. I think now they’re pricey na. If ever you’re coming back, go try One fifty Place. It’s also another food park in Maginhawa. It’s nicer and better.

    But there’s so much too see pa in Maginhawa and they’re opening new ones pa. If you’re into Harry Potter, try Nook Cafe and if you like pasta, go to Fruili and agreeing with Da with RIBCITY. And Artsy Cafe and Caffera for instagram purposes. haha! Dame kong recommendations HAHA!

    • mei says:

      Oo nga nagulat ako ang mahal nung Lost Bread compared sa mga nabasa ko sa blogs.

      Hopefully we’ll try RBCTY next time, and One Fifty Place. Not an HP fan, so di talaga namin sinadya The Nook. Hehe Noted on Fuili, thanks for recommending! πŸ™‚

  • Kai says:

    Funny coz I and my friends went to the exact places you went, too, last time. πŸ˜€

  • Melissa says:

    I think the hype made Maginhawa overrated. I live near Maginhawa, but I always prefer going to Tomas Morato/BGC and stay at one place because my appetite is too small to go restaurant hopping! HAHA.

    When I went to strEAT, I did not enjoy anything as well. I prefer Gastro Park better!

    Melissa the Mermaid β™₯

    • mei says:

      Where’s Gastro Park?? We’ll try din! Haha
      Gerald said baka nga dahil masyado na sikat kaya overrated na. Masyado na kami huli sa balita. Hahaha

  • Anne says:

    I’ve been to Maginhawa! I’ve tried the Nook Cafe aka the Harry Potter themed place and the Cat Cafe. I have my eyes set on Snacks & Ladders as well the Streat Food Park. So much good food in that place. Butas bulsa. LOL. | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

  • Richel V. says:

    I still haven’t been to Maginhawa as it’s a two hour drive from my place, huhu. But my friends are planning to go there next weekend, and one of them have been there a few times so I’m hopeful that we get to try the restos that are worth our money. Iscreamist is on the top of my list!

    • mei says:

      Hassle nga pumunta, kaya lagi kami naghehesitate haha pero ayun nabaliw kami kaya gumora sa North! Hahaha

      Yep definitely try Iscreamist! Nice to have a cool experience haha

  • Nikaia says:

    I’ve never been to Maginhawa but it’s definitely on the list. I just can’t seem to squeeze this in on my list of adventures! Too many good places to go, good restaurants to eat at. I keep saying, “nanjan lang naman yung Maginhawa.” Hahaha. Oh well. With your disappointment, It’s never going to be on my priority list now. Though I’m dying to go to The Nook. πŸ™‚

    XX Nikaia |

  • Dianne says:

    I haven’t tried the strEAT yet. Every time we visit Maginhawa, we always try to roam around the strEAT. But it was always crowded and I don’t like crowded places. I must also agree that the prices are expensive. I still don’t know the new location of iscreamist. haha! I like to try RBCTY too! Masarap daw sabi sa reviews and base na din sa comments dito. I’ve already tried Crazy Katsu but the one in Lilac St. not in Maginhawa. Nasarapan naman ako, I forgot lang what I ordered.

  • Gellie says:

    I’m just a few minutes away from Maginhawa but there are still a lot of places there I have yet to try. Last Sunday, we took my mother-in-law to Maginhawa’s Gerry’s Jeep for a boodle feast and we’re pretty satisfied. πŸ™‚


    • mei says:

      We actually wanted to try Gerry’s Jeep kaso mainit nung nagpunta kami kaya sabi ko next time nalang haha tsaka we didn’t plan to eat heavy on one resto. So next time nalang si Gerry’s Jeep hehehe

  • When we went to MNL last April, our workmates took us to Maginhawa! Unfortunately I was too hungry and tired to think about blogging about it. haha. I forgot the names of the food stalls but we had pizza and those awesome milkshakes with cotton candies. Haha. If I go back to MNL hopefully soon, I will definitely go back there and that time, I’ll take photos for blogging purposes! LOL

  • Clarisa says:

    When I went to Maginhawa, I saw the Streat Food Park on our way to Iscreamist, or should I say when we were looking for it LOL

    The Lost Bread sounds nice, and you seemed to like it, I will try it next time when I’m in town!

    • mei says:

      Yep, actually nagdalawang isip ako sa The Lost Bread kasi mahina talaga tonsils ko. Pero tinry ko kasi ang cute tingnan hahaha then ayun it tastes good, hindi masyadong matamis! πŸ™‚