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How to Apply for Marriage License in the Philippines 2019

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One of the requirements in getting married in the Philippines is a marriage license. Just like us, most couples have no idea how to apply for marriage license so we want to share some guide and tips to help brides and grooms out there.

You can use the marriage license anywhere you choose to get married in the Philippines but you can only apply at the municipality of either one of the couples’ residence or hometown. Gerald’s hometown is Olongapo City, Zambales while mine is Dasmariñas City, Cavite. My friend got married in Cavite so I asked her for the requirements and there are few more requirements in Dasmariñas City Hall than in Olongapo City Hall. That is why we decided to apply for our marriage license in Olongapo City Hall instead. We thought it will be easier for us to process all documents there since our wedding will be held in Zambales.


Requirements and procedures in applying for marriage license may vary depending on the municipality.


Here are the requirements and process on how to apply for marriage license in Olongapo City Hall.


  1. Original PSA birth certificate or baptismal certificates of the contracting parties
  2. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) of the contracting parties
  3. Consent or Advice of Parents for contracting parties below 25 years old
  4. Certificate of Attendance in a Pre-marriage Counseling and Family Planning seminar
  5. Personal appearance of the contracting parties

how to apply for marriage license philippines 2019


CENOMAR is only valid for 6 months while Marriage License is only valid for 120 days.

Make sure that your CENOMAR is still valid before you apply for marriage license. And make sure to get married within 120 days of your marriage license’s validity, or else you will have to apply for it again. I recommend to apply for these documents 3 months before your wedding.


How to Apply for Marriage License

  1. Apply for PSA Birth Certificate and Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR). You can apply these documents from the following:
    • Any city hall or PSA mall branches – You can wait for the release of the Birth Certificate but for CENOMAR, you have to go back after 3-9 business days to claim it. Birth certificate costs Php 155 per copy while CENOMAR costs Php 210 per copy. Also take note that CENOMAR is only valid for 6 months.
    • SM Business Center – You need to pay for additional service fee of Php 25 per copy and go back after 3-9 business days to claim.
    • Online Application – Go to PSA Help Line website to apply online. Birth Certificate costs Php 365 per copy  and CENOMAR costs Php 465 per copy including delivery fee. They can only deliver within the Philippines and it will take 3-4 business days.
  2. Attend Pre-marriage counseling and Family Planning seminar in Olongapo City Hall
    • Seminar schedule in Olongapo City Hall is every Tuesday, 8AM to 11AM
    • You will fill up an assessment form so make sure you bring pen with you.
    • Pre-marriage counseling certificate costs Php 100. For Family Planning seminar, they would ask for donation, so any amount will do.
  3. Go to the Office of the City Civil Registrar and fill up Application for Marriage License Form. Make sure to fill up complete and correct information to avoid any inconvenience. Pay for the marriage license fee which costs Php 750 then submit the receipt and the form and wait for them to process it.
    • They will give you a stub that indicates when you can claim the Marriage License, which usually takes 10 business days.

Waiting Game

All you need to do is to wait for your marriage license. Go back to the city hall with your stub to claim your marriage license.

  • In claiming the marriage license, either one of you can claim. No need to be both physically present. If someone else is claiming the marriage license, they will need an authorization letter.
  • Check your marriage license to make sure all details are correct. We had to go back for corrections because they made mistakes on our names. If they are correcting it, make sure they countersign the error.

And that’s it! You’re one step closer to your wedding. Happy wedding preps! Congratulations! 🙂

Watch our video for more information on how to apply for marriage license in the Philippines!



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