Divisoria Wedding Gowns: Affordable Gowns for the Bride-to-Be

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Ever since we got engaged, I have decided not to spend too much on my wedding gown. I originally planned to hire a local seamstress to sew a very simple wedding dress but my parents, who are probably more excited than me insisted to at least check Divisoria wedding gowns and see if there’s something within the budget that I like.

Divisoria is where you can find everything you’re looking for and is also known for cheap and affordable finds. Turns out, you can even find wedding gowns there!

Where to Find Divisoria Wedding Gowns

You can check out 168 mall, D8 mall and Tabora street to find the best wedding gown for you.

Wedding gowns range from Php 3000 to Php 35000 depending on the design and quality of the  gown.

Tabora Street has the most affordable gowns available however, the designs are quite outdated and the quality is not that good anymore. If you’re really tight on budget, you can go with this, considering you’ll only wear this once anyway.

For better designs and quality, go to 168 Mall. I must say that the gowns you can find here are of mid-range. The gowns are affordable. I was able to buy my wedding gown in one of the stores for only Php 7,000. It’s originally Php 8,500 but I was able to haggle. 🙂


Dragon 8 Mall or D8 mall have more expensive gowns, but you will see that the gowns are trendy, more beautiful and of better quality. If you have a little more budget, then you can check D8 mall.

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