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Catholic Church Wedding Requirements in the Philippines 2019

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We always think about the theme, venue and the dress when we talk about wedding planning. But more important than those things are the requirements you need in order to get married.  If you are having a civil wedding, you only need a marriage license with other legal documents but if you are going to get married in the Church, you will need a few more requirements. Here are the Church wedding requirements you need to accomplish.

Church Wedding Requirements

church wedding requirements1. New Baptismal Certificate and Confirmation Certificate

Both groom and bride should provide Baptismal Certifcate and Confrmation Certificate that should have “FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES” annotation. Our parents to claim these certificates for us, and they released the certificates even without authorization letters. We also had to pay a fee for these. Take note that these may depend on your church.

2. Marriage License

You can get these from the municipality where you reside. For more details on how you can apply for a marriage license, I wrote a blogpost here.  Marriage license is only valid for 120 months so you can apply for this a little closer to your wedding date. If you were civilly married, you no longer need a marriage license. Instead, you need to bring a certified true copy of your marriage contract.

3. Canonical Interview

The parish priest usually conducts the interview. For us, this is the first thing we did after we submitted our baptismal certificate and confirmation certificate. We did not pay for it, but it may depend on your church.Before the interview, we had to fill up a form about Catholic principles on marriage, etc. Our canonical interview is mostly about the priest getting to know about us and it only lasted for about 30 minutes. I was interviewed first, then Gerald next, then the both of us.

4. Pre-marriage/Pre-cana seminar

Our seminars include Sacraments/Parenting, Marriage Counseling and Natural Family Planning, conducted by three different persons. Because of the  conflict between the counselors’ schedule and ours, we had to take these seminars in different dates. But you can take all these in just one day if it fits your schedule.We immediately received the certificates right after, and we did not pay for anything.

5. Marriage Banns

The church will provide the forms for the marriage banns. You will give these to your respective parishes where you currently reside. They will announce it for three (3) consecutive Sundays to clarify if your planned marriage has no impediments. After that, you will get back the form and submit it to the church where you plan to get married.Take note that some church may ask for a fee for the marriage banns. It is also not necessary that you have to personally give the marriage banns because in our case, we asked our parents to do it for us.

6. Confession

The purpose of this is so that both of you are in a state of grace before marriage. Not all church require confession.

7. List of names of Sponsors

You only need two (2) principal sponsors but you can add more if you want to. Take note that some church may have maximum number of sponsors. Also, we had to pay a fee for each sponsor we have and this may depend on your church as well.


We’re married in San Roque Catholic Church in San Felipe, Zambales and all information on this blog post are based on our own experience. Other churches may require less or more requirements so it may vary..


More details about our experience about church wedding requirements are on our Youtube video. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more wedding planning tips.

We hope that we are able to help you in your wedding preparations. It may seem a lot but these items are easy to do and can be done during your spare time. Make sure to prepare these church wedding requirements early so yo don’t have to rush. Congratulations, soon-to-be brides and grooms!




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